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Axi for Investors

After more than fifteen years in business the company has grown into a highly respected global brand, with a team of 340+ people running operations in Southeast Asia, China, Europe, the Middle East, and South America.

Leveraging our wide geographic footprint, AxiCorp services tens of thousands active trading accounts, held by clients in more than 100 countries and annual trading volumes of AUD $2.53 trillion (for FY2023).

Globally, we continue to grow strong in active clients, trading volume, and revenue and are firmly established as a top retail Global FX/CFD Broker* - a reflection of the quality and transparency of the award-winning service** we provide to our valued clients.

*Source: Finance Magnates 2022 Q4 Intelligence Report (excluding Japan) – Retail FX/Other Volumes & Rankings

**Axi Group of Companies

$2.53 trn








Diversified global revenue base

Multiple revenue streams, including dealing spreads and overnight fees

Best practice

Axi Group of Companies is trusted by thousands of traders across more than 100 countries

Highly cash generative

High free cash-flow generation supports ability for high dividend payout ratio

High operating margins

Increased growth margin outlook driven by automation, mobile trading and maturing geographic markets

Multiple growth drivers

Opportunities via existing market penetration, new market entry, best in class technology and accretive acquisitions

Highly experienced management

Experienced management team aligned with company objectives via equity holdings

Mergers and Acquisitions

Axi continues to bolster its business with acquisitions of firms such as One Financial Markets to strengthen its Middle East and Asia presence, and UK-headquartered trading technology company Star Financial Systems to support its multi-asset platform and White label broker strategy.

Axi welcomes enquiries from prospective partners around the world. For more information please contact us.