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Award-Winning Service

When you need a broker you can rely on, trust Axi to give you an edge.

Why traders choose Axi

A trusted trading partner

Axi was founded in 2007 on a simple idea: be the broker we’d want to trade with. Since then, we've grown from a two-person startup to a top global broker and the first choice for a community of tens of thousands of traders in more than 100 countries. When you partner with Axi, you can be confident that we’re behind you for every step of your trading journey.

We speak your language

Our global strength is built on local service. You can rely on an award-winning multi-lingual client support team that speaks your language.

24/5 award-winning service.
100% committed to you.

We are proud of our global, award-winning** service built on transparency, reliability, and excellent customer service

** Axi Group of companies



Personalised service

Because trading is a personal journey and every trader is different, we give you personalised service. The moment you join Axi we’ll connect you with a Relationship Manager dedicated to ensuring you have all the tools and resources you need to discover your trading edge.

The right account for you

No matter your level of experience or trading goals, we have a trading account to suit. Whether you want a classic no-commission account or you’re a high volume trader looking for preferential pricing, you can choose the account that’s right for you.

24 hour, multi-lingual support

When you need help, we speak your language. Our award-winning, multi-lingual Client Experience team is available to help you any time the markets are open. From personal account managers and online chat to social channels and community forums, our friendly team is easy to get in touch with.


A truly global broker

Axi has offices in 8 regions where we use our local expertise to help you find your trading edge.
In financial strongholds and emerging markets, our service is strategically positioned to help you succeed and develop your trading, wherever you are in the world.

Low trading costs

Because we want you to have more to trade with, we keep our trading costs low. That means no setup fees, no transaction fees and no commission accounts. And when you’re ready to experience low pricing across the full range of trading products, compare ours.

Ready to trade your edge?

Start trading with a global, award-winning broker.

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